We believe in the ‘passion and capacitance’ of people. We are passionate about Human Beings and the Green Sector. Using our wide experience, we enjoy guiding and coaching people, individual or in groups, in the Green Sector.

We believe in ‘being able to’. Day by day we are in awe about the abilities of human beings – we all have great capacitance! In individual setting, in team setting. These days in the international Green Sector a huge

We believe in ‘uncover it’. There is a lot to uncover. What do you hope to uncover? What are your latent qualities? What do you want to cultivate?

We believe in ‘making mistakes is O.K..’. Learning by doing. Without ‘doing’ knowledge will not develop.

“We’re surrounded by a million miracles
All around us living proof.
We’re all here because a million miracles
Came together to make it true…”

Part of the song ‘Million Miracles’, by Brian Doerksen

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